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Check History

To access a list of your checks for a year, select a year from the Year drop-down menu. The screen displays the date, check number, and batch number of each check listed. The Year drop-down menu defaults to the most recent year and the list is in descending order.

To print a check image (check stubs and vouchers), click the Check Date field. You can print the check if you wish.


  • You may view available time-off balances, absences, or easily request time off from your administrator or supervisor in this system. Report discrepancies to HR.

  • Administrators or supervisors enter absences in the Attendance/Time-Off screen in the administration tab.

  • Your completed PTO (paid time off) request is delivered by the system to your administrator or supervisor for approval. You receive an online notification of approval or denial.

Total Compensation Summary

View a pie chart summarizing the distribution of your total compensation package.

Tax Status

This is a read only field. Verify your federal and state filing status, allowances, and optional withholding amount in the Tax Status screen. This links directly to payroll. If adjustments need to be made, print a copy of this Form W-4 and send it to the appropriate payroll personnel so that the form can be forwarded to Paychex.

Print Tax Forms

For information on printing tax forms, refer to Print Tax Forms.


The Calculators screen enables you to access the following Paycheck "What if?" single and dual calculators: Hourly Calculator, Salary Calculator, Gross-Up Calculator, 401(k) Calculator, and Bonus Calculator. These calculators do not change any current employee payroll/deduction settings. You must submit such changes following the normal process to your HR/Payroll departments.

For field level help within each calculator screen, click in each field.


Company Information




Message Center

View messages from your company administrators or your supervisor regarding open enrollment elections and PTO requests in this screen. You can also create and update self reminders.

Messages that display in the Action Required section prompt you to take action regarding your employment.

Handbook & Acknowledgments

View, print, and if required, initial and acknowledge receipt of employee handbooks and documents in this screen.

Company Directory

Look up employees or view a company directory in this screen.

Company Documents

Access internal company documents (if provided) in this screen.

Web Links

Access quick links to work-related web sites (if provided) in this screen.

Blank Forms

Print federal and state forms in this screen.

Job Postings

Apply to internal company job postings (if provided) in this screen.


Personal Information




Home Information

Verify that your address and phone numbers are up-to-date in this screen. When you update your information, click Save at the top of the screen to save your changes.

Work Information

Employees can enter and modify the following information: work phone, pager, work fax, pin number, cell phone, and e-mail address.  An administrator or supervisor can also enter or maintain this information in the administration tab.

Employees cannot change the following information: employee ID, date hired, department, or supervisor. This information is entered and maintained by the administrator or supervisor in the administration tab.  

Emergency Contacts

Record medical contact information, including your physician's name and phone number, and primary and secondary contact information in this screen.


View, edit, or remove your current dependents. To access dependents information, click here.

Employee Documents

View any employee documents listed. To access employee documents, click here.

Direct Deposits

Employees who have the appropriate access to the Direct Deposit service can perform the following tasks: view a current list of personal direct deposits, add or edit a direct deposit, submit pending changes for approval, reset the priority level of a direct deposit, remove a direct deposit, cancel or resubmit a declined direct deposit request, and print a list of personal direct deposits.

Custom Fields

View an alphabetical list of all active custom fields. The screen contains associated data and valid data values for each custom field. To access Custom Field information, click here.


Training, Education & Skills




Training Taken

Review details of training classes you have already taken (if provided) in this screen.

Training Curriculum

View  required training classes based on your position and job title in this screen.

Enroll for Training

Register for training classes (if provided) in this screen.


View degrees and awards received in this screen. These fields are read-only.


View work skills entered by administrators, including skill level and years of experience in this screen. These fields are read-only.






Performance Reviews

Your completed reviews are listed in this screen. Click Review Title to view a specific performance review. If required, you will be prompted to electronically sign the Performance Review.

Performance Notices

You can view a listing of all performance notices in the Performance Notice screen. A performance notice is discussed by the supervisor or HR representative and the employee. This becomes part of your file.

Self Performance Review

Your self performance reviews that need to be completed are listed in this screen. Click Review Title to view a specific performance review. If required, you will be prompted to electronically sign the Self Performance Review.

Peer Review

Your peer reviews that need to be completed are listed in this screen. Click Review Title to view a specific peer review. If required, you will be prompted to electronically sign the Peer Review.






Change Password

Change your password frequently to protect your account. Remember, the password is case sensitive and must be alphanumeric. Refer to Password Guidelines for more information.

E-Mail Preferences

You have the capability to control whether you receive an e-mail notification each time your pay documents and tax forms are available to view and print from the Paychex HR Online web site.

If an administrator shuts down the capability for one or more employees, the affected employee(s) cannot view the function that is no longer available. For example, if Pay Documents is shut down, the Pay Documents listing cannot be viewed from the E-Mail Notification screen of the affected employee(s).

Other Preferences

The employee can control whether or not the left navigation menus fully expand when logging into this Paychex application in this screen.

Select or un-select the Keep Menus Expanded option, as applicable, then click Update.